Dyersville Boy Gets a New Wheelchair

DUBUQUE COUNTY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- An eastern Iowa boy who loves to show cattle was just surprised with a machine that's going to make his life a whole lot easier.

Alec Gotto tries out his new all-terrain chair on Wednesday, March 21

His name is Alec Gotto. He's paralyzed and relies on a wheelchair to get around, but that's not always easy with the standard electric chair he has.

That's why people came together to raise funds for an all-terrain chair that can easily ride over any surface.

Alec was surprised with this chair on Wednesday when he got home from school. At first shy, he was excited to ride it around the farm.

He will now have more independence when it comes to getting around his family's farm, and as well as when he shows cattle at fairs.

Waterloo-based VGM Group donated the TrackMaster chair, and the labor to install custom upgrades was covered by Total Respiratory and Rehab.

The upgrades are paid for by Tracks for Alec. In total the entire chair cost $35,000.

The chair is decked out in green and yellow, for John Deere, which Alec loves.


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