Corbett Campaign Concerns

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - Former Cedar Rapids mayor Ron Corbett may be left off the ballot for the Republican nomination for Governor.

A Republican blogger, Craig Robinson, filed a challenge with the Secretary of State's Office, claiming Corbett did not get enough signatures supporting his nomination to appear on the ballot. Corbett is the lone Republican challenging incumbent governor Kim Reynolds in the June 5th primary.

In his blog, Robinson claims he found 104 duplicate signatures and 7 signatures improperly filled out. That would leave Corbett 28 signatures short of the number needed to get on the ballot for the June primary.

The Iowa Secretary of State's Office plans to hold a hearing soon, likely next week, to review the challenge and rule on whether Corbett's name will appear on the ballot in June.

Corbett's campaign manager, Cory Crowley, issued the following statement Wednesday afternoon:

"The Corbett campaign is supported by thousands of Iowans who believe they should have a choice at the ballot box. Our campaign collected more than the required number of signatures in the required number of counties and we are confident an official review next week will find in our favor. Establishment insiders with deep ties to Governor Reynolds have tried everything they can think of to derail Ron's campaign and protect the status quo. This is their latest attempt to prevent a fair and open primary."


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