More Questions Following Iowa City Graffiti

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) Someone covered the painting in the tunnel with Nazi graffiti that officials have since covered with white paint.

"I found out through a mass email so it would've been nice to be informed individually as one of the artists," said University of Iowa Student Kimberly Castillo.

Castillo and the rest of the college received an email Monday night saying that somebody destroyed what she and her partner spent hours painting with Nazi symbols.

"We made it to mean something to us and our friends and our community on campus in Iowa City," said Castillo.

It's something Rabbi Avrohom Blesofsky says is a shock.

"I would hope it was out of ignorance," said Blesofsky. "If not, get some education. We've been down this track too many times."

"It happens, but it shouldn't happen and it's unfortunate that it does," said Castillo.

To combat the hate, Rabbi Blesofsky suggests spreading love.

"A little bit of light dispels much darkness," said Blesofsky. "This act of graffiti in various places is an act of hate and brings darkness into the world."

Despite the Nazi symbols and racist words once written across her mural, Castillo says the aggressors didn't succeed.

"The message is still there, no matter if you vandalize it or not," said Castillo.

Castillo says she and the other artists do plan on getting together with the school to find a way to fix the mural.


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