Marion PD Respond to "Deer Debate"

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Some people are outraged that last week two Marion police officers killed a sick deer (see video).

Now the Department of Natural Resources is testing it to see if it was carrying a deadly disease that's been hitting deer here in Iowa. That disease is Chronic Wasting Disease.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says there have been 28 cases in Iowa since 2013. The most recent one happened in Wayne County.

Chronic Wasting Disease causes severe brain damage in deer, and some may walk around for years without showing signs of the disease.

An official from the Iowa DNR says there doesn't seem to be anything that's slowing C-W-D down. It spreads from deer to deer, and eventually the animal gets so sick that dies.

The DNR is not ruling out CWD impacting the deer in Marion. The deer was sick, and could barely walk.

They're asking people to report any sick or suspicious deer. They also want hunters to help them out.

Terry Haindfield with the Iowa DNR says, "(We) ask for them voluntarily to offer up the tissue samples that we test for chronic wasting disease. The second is to come to public meetings to learn and be educated on what the disease means. Not only for the population of the deer, but for their hunting experiences." They hope to have the test results from the deer in the next couple of weeks.

As of now, there is no evidence to show that humans can get Chronic Wasting Disease, but there are studies being done.

A Marion Police officers tells KCRG-TV9 that they killed the deer after talking with the Iowa DNR for public safety concerns. A sick deer stumbling into the streets could have caused some car crashes.


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