Fired Lyon Calls on City to Release Reportt

UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Fired University Heights police chief Kris Lyon is calling on the city to release the report they had hired a private firm to compile following an investigation into him.

Lyon was fired without cause and for no specific reason on March 6th. Lyon had been placed on administrative leave in January. Mayor Louise From has not told I9 why Lyon was placed on administrative leave in the first place calling it a "personnel matter."

In a statement to I9, Lyon said through his attorney that he strongly disagrees, "with the decision of the University Heights City Council both to place me on administrative leave and to terminate my employment, as there was no basis to take either action."

Lyon also called on the city council to release the full investigative report into him "immediately". I9 first asked Mayor Louise From on Monday what was found in the report but was told by her via email, "The city attorney has advised the city that the investigation results are not public records."

In the wake of Lyon's statement, I9 reached out again to Mayor From, their city clerk, and the city attorney late Wednesday afternoon and asked for the investigative records into Lyon, but are still waiting to hear back at this time.

Lyon also said in his statement he had received severance pay, "as provided in my employment contract."


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