Officers Cleared in Bremer Co. Shooting

BREMER COUNTY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Prosecutors say officers were justified in shooting and killing a man during an incident on Highway 218 in Bremer County this past January.

Prosecutors also released dash camera video of the incident to support the findings.

The incident started with Jihad Merrick holding a gun to his head during a traffic stop in Nashua. Witnesses reported seeing Merrick moments earlier holding a gun to his head at a truck stop in Floyd County. The officer called for backup. A standoff ensued with Merrick in the car with a gun.

After Merrick fired a shot from inside the vehicle, officers approached and a struggle ensued. During the struggle,Merrick was able to put the vehicle in drive and start pulling away with officers hanging from the car, injuring one officer's leg. One of the officers fired 8 shots from a handgun and one from a rifle, killing Merrick.

An autopsy also found meth in Merrick's system.

The Bremer County Attorney ruled the shooting by police was justified to prevent injury and praised the officers' patience.

"To the contrary, the officers displayed patience, compassion, and concern for Mr. Merrick as well as the community," County Attorney Kasey Wadding wrote in his finding.


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