Linn Co. Board of Supervisors Vote for Pay Raise

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - The Linn County Supervisors are set to approve a pay raise for themselves and other county officials.

The board will vote Wednesday on a 3% pay raise across the board for top county officials. A compensation board made that recommendation to the board. Last year, the Supervisors and Auditor saw no increase at their request.

This year's pay raise will put Supervisors pay at $107,000, the second highest in the state behind Polk County ($115,000). Scott County, Iowa's third largest by population, pays supervisors $42,000-$45,000 salaries, while Johnson County Supervisors make a little more than $60,000.

The salaries for Linn County Supervisors was a key issue in a vote last year to trim the size of the Linn County Board from five members to three, effective with the 2018 elections.

Five other top county officials will also get a 3% raise. The Auditor is the lowest paid, matching the Supervisor's salary of $107,000. County Attorney Jerry Vander Sanden is the highest paid elected Linn County official, making a $176,137 salary. Sheriff Brian Gardner's salary will bump up to $152,144, County Recorder Joan McCalmant and County Treasurer Sharon Gonzalez to $110,215.

I9 reached out to each member of the board of supervisors and asked if they plan to vote in favor of a pay raise. Republican John Harris, the chairman of the board of supervisors, is the only one to respond and comment about the decision before the board at this time.

"Given that half of next fiscal year there will be only three Supervisors, I will vote in favor of the three percent and know the Supervisors will earn every penny," said Harris in a written statement.

I9 also reached out to members of the Linn County Compensation Board to explain their recommendation.

"I think the public should take notice of the fact these people are underpaid when you compare their salaries and job duties to similar positions," said compensation board member Philip Klinger.


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