Iowa City Clearing Streets

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- The street sweepers are at it again in Iowa City.

The city is taking advantage of the school spring break to clear away all the leftover salt and sand from the winter. Workers are marking the streets they're cleaning to let people know when to move their cars. The Streets and Traffic Engineering Department said sweeping the street keeps debris out of the storm sewers. It also helps prevent flooding during heavy rains.Officials said removing leaves from the street is important too. If there are too many under a hot car, they could start a fire.

"If you were to pull in from a long trip where your car is quite hot from the emissions controlled catalytic converter, it can be hot enough to spark a fire and that has been known to happen," said John Sobaski, the assistant superintendent of the Iowa City Streets and Traffic Engineering Department.

Iowa City said all of the debris the street sweeper picks up goes into the landfill.


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