City, School Leaders to Discuss Master Plan

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- As the Cedar Rapids school district looks to close up to eight elementary schools in the coming years, the city wants some input in the process. And soon school and city leaders will sit down together to talk over consolidation issues on a regular basis.

Members of the Cedar Rapids City Council approved an agreement Tuesday to set up a 10-member advisory board with the school district.

School board members approved a master facilities plan last January. The nearly 20-year process could impact more than 20 elementary schools with a combination of new schools, school closings and some rebuilt facilities.

The idea of pairing city and school leaders is to work out how the master plan could impact neighborhoods and city services before final decisions are made.

Cedar Rapids Mayor Brad Hart said “we’ll be looking at the neighborhood issues, looking at traffic, public safety matters and looking at how school plans fit into our vision, the master Cedar Rapids plan for development.”

Under the agreement, the mayor will appoint three council members and two city staffers to the committee.

The school board president will appoint three board members and two school staff as well.

Right now, the joint committee plans to meet every three months to discuss issues as they arise.

There’s no decision yet if the meetings will be open to the public.


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