Only The Bravest Drivers In The World Attempt To Cross This Bridge (VIDEO)


A terrifying video captures an SUV attempting to drive across a wood-topped, rickety bridge in Siberia. According to Thrillist, the bridge is 1,640-feet long and spans the Bitim River.

The bridge was originally built for trains, but after a new, more stable bridge was built alongside it, the tracks were removed and now the bridge is open for vehicular traffic. Martin Remiš uploaded the video showing his Ford Bronco inching across the bridge, that is barely wide enough for the SUV. The video ends with the SUV stuck in the middle of the bridge with its front tires lifted off the ground. While the video does not show the SUV getting to the other side of the bridge, it is likely he completed the ride without incident as the Ford Bronco is seen in more recent uploads from Remiš.


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