Richard Pryor's Widow Says He Did Sleep With Marlon Brando


Richard Pryor did indeed have lots of sex with men and women, including Marlon Brando, in the '70s and Pryor's widow, Jennifer, can confirm the wild revelation, which was made in Quincy Jones' must-read interview with Vulture.

TMZ caught up with Jennifer, who confirmed the wild news, saying, "It was the '70s! Drugs were still good, especially quaaludes. If you did enough cocaine, you'd f*** a radiator and send it flowers in the morning." Jennifer also revealed that Richard would have had no shame in Quincy's comments as the comedic staple was actually quite open about his bisexuality with friends. In fact, he even documented it in diaries, which the widow plans on publishing later this year. 

In his Vulture interview, Quincy held nothing back by talking about Brando's wild sex life."[Marlon] Brando used to go cha-cha dancing with us. He could dance his ass off," he revealed. "He was the most charming motherfucker you ever met. He'd f**k anything. Anything! He'd f**k a mailbox. James Baldwin. Richard Pryor. Marvin Gaye."

Click here to read more on Quincy Jones' exclusive interview with Vulture.


Photo: AOL


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