Linn Co. Auditor Expects More Voters

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG TV9)-- More people will head to the polls this November in Linn County than typical off-election year.

The Linn County Auditor believes it's because there are so many candidates running for Cedar Rapids mayor.

This year, the auditor expects 29 to 30 percent turnout. In 2013, there was only 23 percent.

Green Square Park is known as “Pokemon Go” hot spot, but it's not too often you see a live dancing Pikachu.

“So we just figured since the library is doing something well bring out Pikachu bring out some of the candidates,” Organizer Chuck Crawley said.

Organizers of this Get Out The Vote rally admit it's an attention grabbing ploy; part of an effort to reach new voters.

“Then push you into the library,” Crawley said.

Linn County Auditor Joel Miller says he's all for get out the vote efforts he just wants to make sure it’s done legally, that's why his office placed red flags along Green Square Park so the campaign doesn't go within 300 feet of the polls. At the same time as this rally, early voting happened at the Cedar Rapids Public Library.

Just inside the library, poll workers saw more than 60 people cast votes by 2 o' clock Wednesday afternoon.

Linn County Auditor Joel Miller says these numbers are still average at best. But he expects that number to jump by November 7th. Miller thinks many people are overwhelmed by the amount of mayoral candidates.

"There is more processing and decision making that occurs that voters need to do before they make a decision,” Miller said.

Which is exactly why this group formed outside of the library on Wednesday.

“It’s making voters do their homework you got to find out who stands for what and how they're going to impact our city,” Crawley said.

The group estimates they got 15 additional voters to the polls at the library.

KCRG-TV Nine hosted a forum with all eight mayoral candidates, you can watch that here.


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