Jesup Family Not Happy Giving Up Pet Pig

JESUP, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - The Hingtgen family says their pet pig named Miss Piggy was very popular in their neighborhood.

Jenny Hingtgen adds, "People down the street, or even the people far away, they'd just come down with their bikes or walk down and take pictures with her. They would pet her."

She calls Miss Piggy fun loving and harmless, and says the pig helped the family cope after losing their cat. She explains, "My dad got her as a gift for my mom for Christmas to bring love back into the family, and it definitely worked, because we loved her forever and ever."

One person wasn’t happy with the pig there, and they notified the city about it. City officials say they had no idea that the family had a pet pig. They say livestock for the most part is not allowed as pets within city limits. The family claims their pig is a pot-bellied pig, which doesn’t make it a livestock, but the city says it’s still not allowed their after receiving legal advice.

The Hingtgen's chose to put Miss Piggy down after they couldn't find her a home. Jenny says, "I miss her every single day. I mean I just looked at videos a couple of days ago and started crying."

The family couldn't afford the potential $750 fine, along with additional fines for each day they kept Miss Piggy after.

Mayor Larry Thompson says the city tried working with them. He says they gave them a 30 day warning in August to either find a home for the pig, or ask city council if they could keep it. The family did not do that in time. They say it’s because they were still waiting on more information about the ordinance to help their case, and did not get it in time.

Miss Piggy was cremated. Thompson says the city did not tell them to put her down. They only told them that they could not keep it.


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