Increased Funding Leads to More CR Construction

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - Cedar Rapids has been able to do more construction projects as more money is rolling in. They average about 50-60 million dollars per year in construction. That’s compared to a decade ago when they only did 18 million.

One funding increase specifically in Cedar Rapids is the local option sales tax. That passed a few years ago to fund road projects in the city. State funding also got a boost from the new 10-cent gas tax increase.

Cedar Rapids City Traffic Engineer Matt Myers says they also motivate workers to finish projects quickly.

He says, "We do consider things like lengths of the contract. We do use incentives to make sure contractors actually finish on time. So once they settle in on a project they do get it done as quickly as possible."

Myers says they try to work with other cities and the DOT to make sure multiple road project don’t cause too much congestion.

He says, "An example of that is like Tower Terrace, when there's been talk about the interchange construction there, and they've (DOT) been asking us some possible traffic management strategies for that interchange once that get going. With that and DOT and some of their projects, that's been a pretty collaborative process."

Myers says they have an online system for city leaders to review plans, and they hold public meetings to let drivers weigh in.

He says, "(We hold) coordination meetings with utility companies. That’s basically people getting in a room to go over impacts, or conflicts, or issues that need to be resolved."


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