Iowa City West Creates "Carpool Karaoke"

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Iowa City West Senior Nina Elkadi is all about taking a creative approach when talking with administrators. It first started through Twitter.

"So I started poking fun at things at school,” she said.

But Nina wanted to go beyond that. That's how the version of West High Carpool Karaoke began. But she had to ask Principal Gregg Shoultz first.

Well it's definitely out of my comfort zone. But I listened to her; the pros and cons,” Shoultz said.

After a little thinking the pros list won.

"And I trusted her that she would be appropriate with the content,” Shoultz said.

So off they went, even picking up other educators along the way.

“I was surprised Mr. DeVries could rap. He told me he was practicing but he knew every word,” Nina said.

Showing educators' other talents is exactly what Nina wanted to gain from making this video.

“I really do think it changes the student-teacher or student-administrator relationship for the better because it shows that teachers are people too and they can have fun,” she said.

And these educators are people students can feel comfortable approaching. Whether it's about a serious issue or something worth singing about.

The first West High Carpool Karaoke debuted Monday. It already has more than two thousand views on YouTube.

Nina has a waiting list of teachers that want to be involved in the next episode. She plans to do it by department- like math, english or social studies.


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