Charged Iowa Mom Denies Children's Condition

DES MOINES, Iowa (WOI) -- The Des Moines woman who faces several charges for leaving her three young children alone in filthy conditions said some details are not true.

25-year-old Destinee Miller faces charges of child endangerment, animal neglect, and neglect or abandonment of a dependent person.

Police officers went to her house in Des Moines Tuesday after a call from neighbors. They say Miller left her three kids home alone. They're one, two, and four years old. Officers say feces covered one child from head to toe.

Inside the home, officers say there were dirty dishes, spoiled food, dog feces and urine, and human waste.

Our affiliate in Des Moines, WOI talked to Miller on the phone on Wednesday. She says her child was not covered in feces. But she regrets what happened.

"I messed up. I made the worst mistake. I panicked. My dog was having a seizure. I have proof of everything. He started having a seizure on the the middle of my floor, and I freaked out. And I should have never left, and that was the worst mistake I could have ever done," said Miller.

Th Department of Human Service is now caring for the kids.

There were also several other dogs inside the house. The Animal Rescue League has picked them up. They're now under quarantine with two of them getting treatment for a virus. 


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