Iowa City West Expands Student-Run Coffee Shop

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Something bigger is brewing at Iowa City West.

Iowa City West High School has expanded their student-run coffee shop. It's new home is much bigger thanks in part to space opening up with some students moving to Liberty High School this year.

Also, students got laptops this year, which replaced some computer labs. That let the coffee shop move out of a closet and into its own classroom.

"It's just really cool to see how many students have come in and using this space," said Hannah Luce, a senior at Iowa City West High School.

The student-run cafe grew out of something very small.

"When I first joined last year, it was in a closet and we had it open to the students in the hallway and they would just come up and we ran everything out of that little closet," said Madelyn Luegering, a junior at Iowa City West High School.

Luegering helps run the Pump It Up coffee shop as part of the school's Business Professionals of America club. She said it's baked up her confidence and skills.

"Leadership or just taking big chances honestly and putting your heart into what you do," said Luegering, "You have to play with it. You have to see what works and doesn't work, to see what customers or the students want,"

She and other students arrive at school every day at 7:45 A.M., a whole hour before classes start, to brew the coffee and bake the cookies. They run the place during free periods. She said a lot of thought went into designing the shop.

"We wanted this to be a place where students could come in and not feel like they were in school anymore, that this was a place they could come in, hang out, maybe do some homework, but we wanted it to feel very comfortable for them," said Luegering.

The club's students hope the coffee shop's success will encourages other students to think creatively.

"If you have an advisor or a teacher and the support behind you, you can come and create amazing ideas like this," said Luce.

"This is something that we left our mark and so that's something that we're all very proud of," said Luegering.

All of the money the students raise goes back to the school's Business Professionals of America chapter. The shop has gained popularity with the bigger space. Students hope to expand again in the next couple years.


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