Grassley on Equifax Data Breach

WASHINGTON, D.C. (KCRG-TV9) -- Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley spoke at a Senate subcommittee hearing Wednesday about the Equifax breach. Hackers breached the company's security and got access to the personal information of more than 145 million people.

He said while hacking happens a lot now days, this one was different.

"They can become you. And you won't know it happened until its too late. Granted it may be months or even years before a consumer suffers identity theft, if at all as a result of the Equifax breach," said Grassley.

Grassley also said he hopes the Equifax breach will be a wake up call for lawmakers. He says he's working on a bill to protect people from hackers.

Senator Grassley was also one of the lawmakers critical of the contract between the Internal Revenue Service and Equifax. The I.R.S. announced a $7.25 million contract with the company.

The I.R.S. will pay Equifax to provide taxpayer and personal identity verification services. The contract says Equifax was the only company capable of providing the services.

Grassley posted a Tweet Wednesday that said the "I.R.S. needs to make clear and demonstrate that taxpayer information is safe."


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