Local Security Experts Weigh In

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG TV9)-- A local security expert recommends people be aware of their surroundings while at a large venue setting.

Police officers and first responders at the scene of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Photo Date: 10/2/17

People at concerts or sporting events can never predict when an emergency situation will happen. That's why Doug Lane, the owner of Signal 88 Security in Cedar Rapids,says people need to be familiar with the venue they're at.

"Prior to you getting to the venue, check that place out," Lane said.

Lane also suggests designating where safe zones are.

"Just like you're fire planning for your house. Have a predetermined place if you get separated just inside or outside the venue, so that you have accountability that you know where everyone is at and that they're okay," he said.

Tonight at 10, hear Lane's suggested three-step response plan.


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