The Superintendent of Des Moines Public Schools, Dr Thomas Ahart (above), has still remained silent on #Douchegate - the scandal involving some of his own teachers forwarding an email which called for the harassment of elected officials including prank calling them, and used vulgar, sexist, misogynist language in a clear example of cyber bullying.

Yesterday on my show Jeff Kaufmann, the Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa, laid out a series of questions (below) that they think Ahart must answer. You can listen to that audio immediately below this.

Should the Superintendent be brought before the House Oversight Committee to face these and other questions?

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Here are some of the questions that need answering:

  • Code 303 under Administration-ExecutiveFunction-Policies charges the Superintendent of Schools with “the observance of its policies by all those persons employed by the district”, and Code305 under Administration-Executive Function-Procedures states that “The superintendent shall be responsible for keeping or having kept, and for presenting to the Board of Directors in a form that will facilitate and make efficient theirdeliberations and proceedings, records of problems, conditions, and duties requiring action by them.” Will the Superintendent be reporting the problems posed by this email to the Board of Directors? 
  • Code 416 under Personnel-Policiesallows the superintendent or the superintendent’s designee to discipline an employee. Will the superintendent be taking charge of disciplining employees as it relates to this matter, or will he be appointing a designee? 
  • Code 444 under Personnel-Policiesspecifically dictates that “School property, school time, or other school resources shall not be used by employees for political activities” which include, but are not limited to, “the posting of current political circulars or petitions, the distributionof current political circulars or petitions” or “any activity in any manner which would indicate that a school employee is using a position in the school to further personal views on candidates for public office, or to advocate a personal position on questionsof public policy in the political arena.” Code 444 goes further to state “Engagement in any such political activities upon property under the jurisdiction of the board or during activities sponsored by the school district is specifically prohibited.Violations of any of the foregoing shall, at the discretion of the superintendent or the superintendent’s designee, constitute cause for reprimand, demotion, suspension, or dismissal.” Does the Superintendent or his designee agree that these emails,sent during the school day on school email addresses, are a clear violation of the provision of Code 444 of the DMPS Policies and Procedures? 
  • Code 445 under Personnel-Policiescovers the acceptable use of the Internet and network technology by employees, and states that “the use of computers, the District’s computer network, the internet, and other on-line services shall be consistent with the governmental, education, and businessobjectives of the District.” Does the Superintendent or his designee believe the use of the computer, the District’s computer network, and the internet to forward sexist and thuggish emails to be consistent with the governmental, educational and businessobjectives of the District? 
  • Code 445 under Personnel-Policiesfurther states that “To ensure all district employees understand the appropriate use of District computers, the District network, the Internet, and other on-line services, the District shall establish guidelines and monitor acceptable use. It is the responsibilityof the superintendent or designee to develop administrative procedures to implement this policy by establishing standards of acceptable use by employees and publishing and disseminating this information to all employees.” Will the Superintendent walkus through the administrative procedures to enacted implement Code 445, and will he release the standards of acceptable use that were published and disseminated to its in accordance with Code 445?