Simon Conway

Simon Conway

I am a very proud Citizen of the United States. That took place in early 2008 after a seven year legal journey. As you can imagine, I have some views on immigration which you will find in these pages from time to time.

I was born in London, England and have been American in my attitudes for as long as I can remember. The Constitution should be regarded as a sacred document. Unfortunately as each year passes it seems to be less important. We have a President who told the American People BEFORE he was elected that the Constitution was a "flawed document". That would have been electoral suicide just a few short years ago. I remember when we were trying to help Iraq write it's constitution I said on the radio "we should give them ours! After all, we stopped using it years ago".

I started work as a journalist in 1976 when at the tender age of 16 I got a job on the Jerusalem Post. Recently I have been guest hosting talk radio around the country. Prior to that, you could have heard The Simon Conway Radio Experience.

I am a radio talk show host whose conservative outlook was forged in my native UK, where I experienced the considerable downsides of European-style socialism. I have a unique insight into health care and all the other trappings of a socialist society because I've already lived through where we are headed.


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