(NEWSER– The official illness tally from the Royal Caribbean cruise ship that returned to New Jersey yesterday, two days ahead of schedule: 630 passengers and 54 employees. That's a 20-year cruise ship record, according to CDC data, and passengers tell CNN the true number is probably much higher, since some sick people didn't bother going to the infirmary—or purposely hid their illness to avoid being quarantined. Royal Caribbean itself suspects the true number could be as high as 900, theNew York Daily News reports. Here are the worst details passengers related—warning, do not read while eating:

  • One passenger says that when she arrived at the infirmary, sick people were throwing up in buckets, bags, and basically everywhere, and she had to wait three hours to be seen.
  • Another says the infirmary was so crowded that sick people were cramming the stairwells nearby. "People were puking into their barf bags while waiting," he says. (A different passenger estimates that, at one point, there were at least 200 people in the infirmary; she chose to disembark at a port and go to a pharmacy instead, she tells the Los Angeles Times.)

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